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Septic Savior
Septic Savior SoluPacksWhen you have Septic Savior, you have a balanced home. Get rid of the stinking odors and slow downs with our septic safe cleaning products. Our septic treatment products just fit the bill to your budget as well as maintaining a perfect clean environment at your home. Buy our septic tank cleaning products now and eliminate septic system frustration forever. Our septic cleaning products sure do bring back the peace of mind. Contact us now! Septic Savior, our most popular product, is designed to help your entire septic system run smoothly and operate at peak efficiency. When you utilize all-natural Septic Savior as recommended on a monthly basis to help maintain the ideal amount of “good” bacteria within your septic tank, your can rest assured that tank materials will stay liquefied and flow freely into your leeching field for proper distribution back into the soil in your yard.

Instructions for usage

How does Septic Savior work to protect you from potentially huge septic repair and replacement expenses?

SoluPackEach month, remove one solupack from the bucket and drop it into your toilet. Watch as the solupack dissolves, causing a frizzing action and turns the water a blue-green color. This lets you know the products is activated.
The solupack may take up to five minutes to completly dissolve.
Please wait until the packet dissolves before flushing.
For best results, use the toilet furthest from your septic tank.
For problem systems, or if you have more than one toilet, you may add one solupack to each of your toilets monthly, until the problem recedes.

Once our product enters your septic tank, our unique blend of bacteria goes to work digesting all of the organic waste, food, soaps, fats, grease, oil and other items so that your tank materials are in a liquid form. It is essential that you use Septic Savior every month so that your system works as nature intended – and you can sleep easily knowing that your system is functioning properly!

Help protect your septic system – and your wallet – from costly repairs. Order your personal five year supply of Septic Savior now! Septic Savior is our most prized septic system cleaner product that helps in keeping your entire septic system operate in trouble free manner. You don’t have to think twice when you have to buy a toilet cleaner next time as our septic tank cleaners serves a multi purpose product that would maintain your septic system to function properly. Just one drop of our toilet cleaner and leave the rest to Septic Savior. Now there is no other easy way to clear stream septic system. Trust us! With our septic system cleaner, you can also try our drain cleaner making your overall septic system function perfectly. NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES

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